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Embark on a journey with a unique SCC experience 

When your child is excited about learning, there is a motivation to achieve. Each week, our curriculum specialist creates fresh, engaging, and captivating lesson materials with global themes to inspire our students to learn, ask and have fun in the SCC.

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CLS Student Care

SCC programmes are aligned closely with the MOE guidelines. Its curriculum has been thoughtfully designed with the needs of the students in mind -- it places top priority on creating engaging and exciting learning experiences.

The curriculum offers intellectually stimulating lesson materials that motivate and engage the students. These materials provide rich resources for teaching and learning to develop the student's potential.


Besides daily supervision of homework and twice-a-week character development education lessons, there are also enrichment programs, outdoor sports activities, circle time for staff and students, small group interaction, and playtime.

The enrichment programs are designed using a modular approach and the module will be revised from time to time to cater to the needs of the students. CLS will provide information to parents/guardians on these environmental programs. 

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